Sunday, November 8, 2009

Digging Deeper Competition - Open Call for Entries

The SF Chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) and the Interaction Designers Association (IxDA) would like to introduce you to this year’s Digging Deeper, Building Blocks for Sustainable Design - A multi-disciplinary design competition addressing real urban needs.

Read More About the Competition on the Digging Deeper Site

On the afternoon of Sunday Sept. 27th the Digging Deeper 2009 program began with two informative and inspiring presentations. A leading systems ecologist teamed up with the Greening Director of the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco to deliver a design brief. They describe issues around urban food supply, health and agriculture relevant to the City of San Francisco and all urban areas. The presentations were specifically formatted to be the foundation of this competition, bringing industrial, graphic and interaction designers, architects and urban planners together to help solve real urban problems. This is a call to action for all design communities.

In the first presentation Gil Friend, acclaimed systems ecologist and CEO of Natural Logic, works through proven techniques on how to break apart complex problems and devise sustainable implementable solutions. The second presentation is an in depth problem statement and call to action delivered by Astrid Haryati, the Greening Director for the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco. She explores the obstacles to, and overarching importance of Sustainable Urban Agriculture for education, health and community development in the context of personal, community and city wide scales.

Watch Part 1: Approach and Inspiration by Gil Friend

Watch Part 2: Competition Problem Statement by Astrid Haryati

Read More About the Competition on the Digging Deeper Site

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